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Inbound marketing Infographic (2013)

1 May

Dan Bosomworth of recently made some fundamental amends to an infographic he conceived last year, visualising the inbound marketing effect. It made me think how the world of content marketing has evolved in the past 12 months, and how digital and traditional (multi-channel) integration is inevitable more than ever before.

Inbound marketing 2012 Inbound marketing 2012

Here’s SI’s 2012 infographic on Inbound Marketing (a diagram I’ve referred to many times with my own clients): Here, we see a really sweet visualisation of how published content plays a key part in the inbound marketing effect – all the while ensuring that relevant listening tools are utilised properly to evaluate campaign effectiveness.

Inbound marketing 2013


Inbound marketing 2013

Moving a year on, Dan and the guys at SI have considered the obvious need to compliment published content with paid media. In this case, Dan highlights (in the ‘Tape Deck”, as he calls it) not only PPC, social, display and affiliate channels, but also ‘offline’ media as part and parcel of this driver. Naturally, these paid media options must drive the consumer to brands’ digital hub and I like the idea that offline (interruptive) media can be used to do this in more creative and tactical ways going forward. Equally, with the emergence of the likes of Tint (a new social media tool, designed to integrate all of your social platforms into your online hub), the ‘Owned Media’ element will play a crucial part in the evolution of content marketing strategy in the coming months; encouraging consumers to engage more fully with brands online.

Thanks to Dan for his continually inspiring infographics on this subject; you can read his blog about the new inbound marketing (2013) infographic here.

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